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Welcome to the Modern Battles Club

About Us

We play by email (PBEM) all the Panzer Campaign Modern Campaign and Squad Battles series by John Tiller and HPS.

This means we cover quite a broad time period from 1939 to the present day so in order to indulge ourselves in a little friendly role play we are organised into three "Groups", Nato/Allies, German/Axis and Communist and Asian Within these groups are Various Armies and within these Armies various Squads.

Our "groups" enable us to fight in most of the modern warfare theatres from World War 2, to the Cold War, which has actually become quite "hot" with Fulda Gap '85 and Korea '85! On joining you will choose an army that you would like to be assigned to you then become a "soldier" in one of that armies squads.

You wont be restricted to always playing one side in your battles though; if you are in the US Army and you fancy fighting as the Soviets for a change you can, though many players stick to role...its up to you. As long as your opponent is agreeable you can play any side you like and you will earn the same points at the end of the game. Our main aim is that you and your opponent enjoy yourselves.

Each of our Groups has a message board where you can "chat" in private with other members from your group, We have named each of these message boards after the name of a bar or club that has some connection to each of the groups.

We all Share a common message board "Cafe Europa" where you issue and respond to challenges for games.

As you play games you acquire points, as you acquire points you rise through the ranks. Your details are displayed on the web page for your squad. Particularly meritorious service to the club can earn you extra points and, if you do particularly well in the front line, maybe even medals!

Each Group has a Commander, subordinate to him are the Squad leaders. The Club is administered by "Cabinet" this consists of various club officials and the Group Commanders.

Cabinet's job is to run the club smoothly. The have their own private message board where all the top secret negotiations take place to ensure that the club members remain perpetually at war and make sure that we are never forced into a breakout of peace.

In the several years the club has been in existence Cabinet have been entirely successful in maintaining a constant state of war!!

We are quite a small club but that doesn't mean you will be short of games! In fact, if you are an enthusiastic and regular player you will probably find it is much easier to become a Squad leader here than it is in some of the larger clubs.

Looking Back

We have been established for several years and in that time we have undergone quite a lot of changes. The links below include a history of the MBC and the club journal now, sadly, discontinued

Modern Battles Club History

"Line of Demarcation"
Club Journal

Its a great shame that this only ran for three issues, but there were games to be played, and putting together a newsletter like this requires a lot of time. Time you could be spending on the battlefield! But if you have a journalistic bent, and would like to produce a fourth issue, I would be very happy to talk to you about it.

First Issue, May 2002
Second Issue, July 2002
Third Issue, November 2002;


We are organised so that new squads can be formed and fitted into the present structure. But.. before you ask to lead a Squad you need to prove yourself in battle so join up and help us keep this war going,

The table below shows the four main forces, Nato/Allied, German/Axis, Soviet, and Asian and their subdivisions, where these exist, the individual armies


Viet Cong



Us Army


What's New?


The automated scoring system is now complete. Thanks to Greg who has put a huge amount of work into this project.

It should be self explanatory. Before we can open it up fully you need to set yourself a new password so that you can use the system, so, please check the message boards and follow the instructions there.


We try and run several each year. If you are interested in getting involved in organizing one please get in contact with the President

Current Tournament

Started 15/12/04
North German Plains '85, using the Germany 2 addon.
18 Participants, see the current Tournament page

Next Tournament

This will be based on the Squad Battles series,
Probably Squad Battles Korea.
Projected start date: Late February 2005

Past Tournaments


Fulda Gap 85


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Club Forms

Transition to automation

Whatever system you used to report a game start must be the same system you use to report that games end. The two systems will be running in parallel until the majority of old games are finished.

Start Game Report
End Game Report
For Games started under the old system only
End Game Report
For Games started under the new system only

Club backup Boards

We periodically have problems with the message boards. Usually these are short lived and nothing more than a minor annoyance, occasionally the problems are longer lasting and may mean we need to move to our back up boards.

Please register for both the back up boards and the main boards when you join the club.

Any move will be announced here.

The Backup boards are locked when not in use. If you are having problems with the boards contact me and if necessary I will open up the alternate boards.

Game Balance Reports

Game Balance reports are reports that we receive from players that tell us how balanced the players think the scenarios are in each of our games, the statistics produced by these reports help players to choose which scenarios to play depending on the level of challenge they want. You can help us by using the form below to submit a game balance report. (link not yet added to page)

Balance report Summaries

links to these pages will be added shortly

Middle East '67
Fulda Gap '85
Squad Battles: Vietnam
Squad Battles: Korea
North German Plain '85

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